from formless into felt-sense form



There are Lego pieces in each of us. All in different sizes and shapes, square, cube, cylinder, triangle, you name it. When you see them, nothing looks special. But we all know we can build something unique using these blocks.

When I was a child, Lego did not come with a manual. They sold just the blocks; we have to figure out what to build. Now, the packaging comes with the end-result picture and a glossy manual. Do you want to make a spaceship? Just find a spaceship Lego package that you like.


I am in awe of how little children immerse themselves in what they do without feeling self-conscious.

If all children think and act like an adult, we would've never experienced the joy of seeing someone the way they were and being in awe by a little progress or things they uniquely do.

If all children act like an adult, most of them could never walk or talk. They would be too afraid of falling again and again and too embarrassed of making silly sounds.


As much as about moving forward purposefully, Coddiwomple journey is a process of unlearning. To be, do and live differently, we need to uncover our own unconscious assumptions about the world and how we should be.

The answer once I gave to a 23-year-old now works as a reminder for me. And if you are on a coddiwomple journey, this is for you too.


An idea can emerge at any time and from anywhere. I've been having a regular virtual conversation with Jenny Katz, a fantastic storyteller, game designer and musician. We called our conversation project the Emergent Dialog. It's an experiment to explore and witness what comes alive when we just let the emerging future arises in our conversation.


Like anything that sustains our lives, we need to take it regularly—food, water, air, even a medical prescription if you need one. There is no magic pill where we can take once and lasts forever. Living in a world where we are conditioned to overthink our move and decision, it's important to remind ourselves, daily, who we are and what we are here for.

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