Joyful Creation, Dreaming into Being

Coddiwomple Question

The wonderful thing about asking a question is that it can lead you on a remarkable journey.

These are my questions. For a start, they lead me to what I desire to create. Along the way, the questions may change or new ones may show up. I invite you to create your own coddiwomple questions.


When developing a coddiwomple question start with what makes you curious. A question which has no right or wrong answer. The one that invites you to ponder and explore.

What is a better way to access our genius?
How can we be joyful, playful and open in our pursuit?
How can we go on and work together in a more generative way?
How can we create future in a present moment?
How can we nurture our well-becoming?

My Projects

As I allow curiosity and wonder to co-create with me, I ask a question: what does my heart desire to create?

We Space Rising

I want...

to create a platform and movement to explore and steward collective intelligence and we-space practices when we can learn to tap into the transformative power of human connection, learn how to go on together and co-create.

What's in the making

A platform called We Space Rising. I have started a website that I will be populating with podcasts, events, and content.

Checkout the platform:

Mindfulness for Mental Health & Well-being

I want...

to create a sustainable approach for supporting people at work with their mental well-being and inner resilience, to help people out there in challenging work environments keep their heads above water, to reduce stress and anxiety, avoid burnout, and effectively juggle the pressures of a full life of work and home.

What's in the making

  • A program to assist organizations builds an internal grass-root mindfulness community that can grow organically, self-led and sustain itself.

  • An intuitive, effective and experiential Mindfulness program where people at work can experience the benefits in the most fundamental way.

Conscious Collaborators Wanted!

Looking for leaders and organizations to collaborate. Let's talk!

Coaching for Expansion of Self Awareness and Well-Becoming

I want...

to inspire and provide coaching support for individuals and groups to step into their power, trust their hearts, create daringly from that space, and become undeniably impactful by being fully who they are.

What's in the making

  • Group program and one-on-one coaching session
  • Writing and speaking engagement

Interested in a coaching session?

Schedule an introductory coaching session with me.

Coddiwomple Wisdom

Desire + Curiosity = Purposeful Direction

Purposeful direction leads to inspired action.

Imagine living every day purposefully and moved by inspired actions.

It's possible and you can do it!

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