Coddiwompling Away with Daily Intention & Prayer

Like anything that sustains our lives, we need to take it regularly—food, water, air, even a medical prescription if you need one. There is no last-forever-magic-pill. Living in a world where we are conditioned to overthink our move and decision, it's important to remind ourselves, daily, who we are and what we are here for.

The biggest challenge embarking the journey doesn't come from others but myself. I know how easy I can get in away of what wants to emerge through me—my conditioning, thinking habits, and relationship with uncertainty.

Through the Coddiwomple Experiment, I would like to start a deeper connection with not knowing. I can't help but borrowing E.L Doctorow's metaphor on Writing. He wrote, "Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way."

If I only can see as far as my headlights through the darkness, I make sure I have my headlights on and my car's engine running. What is unknown is too big to digest for the little brain inside my skull, so why not focus on what keep me moving in the right direction—my intention, purpose, attention, vitality, and a deep desire to play and create in this world. I believe approaching our journey like this can help expand our capacity to sense our way through the unknown and uncertainty. Ria Baeck from Collective Presencing described a journey through the unknown is like walking in a dark forest together. It is an opportunity to cultivate our collective night vision and wild intelligence.

For that, I remind myself each morning with these healing and powerful words:

Daily Intention

"Today, I make no thought more important than being in alignment with All That I AM.

Today, I make nothing more important than to feel good; to look for, and appreciate, that which feels good to me as I focus upon it.

Today, I allow more expression of the essence of my Source: Love, Joy, Appreciation, Clarity, and Vitality.

I turn this day over to All That I Am.

Thy will be done."

— Dominic Scaffidi

Daily Mission

  • To give voice to what I deeply care about.

  • To challenge my own assumptions and expand my awareness of what possible.

  • To let my heart and soulful desires move me.

Daily Prayer

“Dear Lord, allow me to give with complete ease and abundance, knowing that You are the unlimited Source of all.

Let me be an easy, open conduit for Your abundance.

Let me trust that all my own needs are always met in amazing ways and that it’s safe to give freely as my heart guides.

And equally, let me feel wildly open to receiving.

May I know my own value, beauty, and worthiness without question.

Let me allow others the supreme pleasure of giving to me.

May I feel worthy to receive in every possible way.

Change me into one who can fully love, forgive, and accept myself, so I may carry Your Light without restriction.

Let everything that needs to go, go. Let everything that needs to come, come.

I am utterly Your own.

You are in me, I am in You, we are One.

All is well."

― Tosha Silver's Abundance Prayer, with minor modification.

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