Life Doesn't Come with A Manual Book

There are Lego pieces in each of us.

All come in different sizes and shapes, square, cube, cylinder, triangle, you name it. When you see them, nothing looks special. But we all know we can build something unique using these blocks.

When I was a child, Lego did not come with a manual. They sold just the blocks; we have to figure out what to build. Now, the packaging comes with the end-result picture and a glossy manual. Do you want to make a spaceship? Just find a spaceship Lego package that you like.

With your Lego spaceship pieces, it is almost impossible to build a house with a swimming pool. The package comes with the exact numbers and shapes to create a spaceship, precisely like what you see on the box. Not less or more.

In no time, you would have made a fantastic Lego spaceship. Thanks to the step-by-step manual. When you want to build something else, you go to the store, buy another package and follow the manual.

Isn't it amazing if we can find a manual to figure out our lives? Even though we know this is wishful thinking, how many of us spend our lives looking for a manual book that does not exist?

In our self-discovery journey, we tend to fixate on the idea that there must be a clear and correct answer to what we are looking for. The attempt to try to figure out the solution keeps us searching elsewhere.

We end up fixating on the lives others built. Isn't it cool to be successful, influential like so and so? One thing to be inspired by their success, but it's another when we want it so much that we resent what we have now.

Rather than wasting time and effort to find a manual book or a picture of the final result, why not focusing on getting to know your pieces?

Our life is a journey of discovering and recognizing what we have; exploring their shapes, and putting together the pieces. See what kind of 2 or 3 pieces of structure can make. If you don't know what you want to build, experiment with different compositions. Keep building and rebuilding until you can say, "This is good." As the story of creation in Genesis, when God finished at the end of each day, He looked at his creation and said, "This is good."

There is a reason you don't come with a manual book. It allows you to change and rediscover yourself.

Your mission and what you want in life may change over time. But your Lego pieces will remain with you to help you build something new.


  • What are your unique gifts?
  • How have your unique gifts been expressed in your life and work?
  • If each unique gift you have were a person, what would she/he want more?

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