How to Bring Out the Best in You to Work and Play

Joy is a key ingredient of our inner genius.

An idea can emerge at any time and from anywhere. I've been having a regular virtual conversation with Jenny Katz, a fantastic storyteller, game designer and musician. We called our conversation project the Emergent Dialog. It's an experiment to explore and witness what comes alive when we just let the emerging future arises in our conversation. Being present, noticing, and building upon each other's insights and ideas without any agenda; sort of coddiwompling.

I haven't done much with the recordings we have in the archive, but for some reason, I was curious about a particular session when Coddiwomple Experiment idea first generated. So I found it and watched the recording. I am glad I did it. Because it has so many valuable insights for anyone in their coddiwomple journey. Even after a month, it is a great reminder of why I am taking this journey.

I invite you to watch this video.

If you need more convincing to watch it, here are some of the topics and quotes from the dialog.


  • The role of joy in creativity and bringing our inner genius.
  • Constraints and creativity.
  • The importance of closing the loop of creative process: Self-recognition and appreciation.
  • Navigating the unknown 
  • Creativity as a fresh response to the moment. 


Some of the quotes from the dialog are:

Joy and Inner Genius

"Whatever you really enjoy is probably where your gifts are hanging out... If it's something you enjoy, then you almost can't help but put in the time. I think that it seems to be where people's genius is living, in those things."

"... when you are deeply joyful about this, then you're going to be calling the best of yourself out to come to play and work."

Facing the Unknown

"When we don't know, is it because we don't know or we haven't developed the way of knowing differently?....We have to learn to recognize the feeling of receiving an answer.....The way to learn to know in the unknown is to be in it—no other way."


"Creativity is a fresh response to the moment...Because every moment is the creation of ours...I am collaborating with this moment to create the next moment."

"Even just not trying to do anything actually feels more creating than trying to do something because it is more collaborative, which what actually is happening."

"The joy of creation: Creating and being able to say, "It is good!""

Scroll above or click here to watch the video.


  1. What kind of practices can you do to bring joy in your life everyday?
  2. When did the last time you see your inner genius in action? How was it like?
  3. Suppose the next morning you wake up with your inner genius fully charged, What would be the most obvious signs that you notice?

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