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Coddiwomple Experiment

A journey of creating what matters from the heart.


​(kod’ e wom pel) (v.) . An English Slang.

To move purposefully towards an as-yet unknown destination

When We start something new, Sometimes we can't help to think:

Should I really do it?

What if it doesn't work?

Am I doing it right?

What if I fail?

The doubt and fear are a mountain high.

The unknown and uncertainty can be paralyzing.

The pressure makes us play small.

Does it have to be this way?

Hi! my name is Christine Samuel

After two decades working in a corporate career, I've decided to explore something that matters.

What is a more joyful, sustainable, and generative way of being, working, and contributing to the world?

Our success culture has been about making goals and forcing lives into them.

Now, I want to explore a different way.

No proven process or framework, just follow the flow.

No rigid goals, just follow what heart's desire.

No striving, just allowing.

In the Coddiwomple Experiment, I document and share my journey creating what matters from the place of joy, curiosity and flow.

What would the result be when I tap into inner freedom and work from a soulful desire?

What happens if I completely open to limitless possibilities and be willing to UN-predict my journey?

Does what I share resonate with you?

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living every day with joy and a sense of wonder.

Your inspiration flows into action naturally.

Your heart speaks so loud that you can't hear your inner critics.

You are freely you, not an imprint of someone else ideas.

You are so in tune with your heart, your genius awakes.

You inhale inspiration and exhale creation.

You create something that only you can do.

You take each step wholeheartedly,

knowing the ground is always there to hold your feet.

Your mind, body, and soul are in perfect alignment;

the universe moves together with you in a perfect harmony.

You heal and transform the world just by being fully you.

Birthing future that its only desire is to move through you.

– Christine Samuel

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